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Awaken Your Force

How was 2015?  I think I know your answer.
Wouldn't you agree if I say  Life has become
like that corridor where you're racing through
between the two rooms, home and office.You
just pass powerlessly each &every single day
without any meaning.   Sadly Life has turned
into a passing. Either we  are rushing through or lazying through.  Wake up, rush  to office.  Return home, sleep Replay & In between, fill   the       gaps. BUT It is time to stop and think. 
Time to renovate that corridor. Add spice and 
power to the gadget on your desk. Presenting
HP Star Wars Special edition laptop.Alluring 
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intyour undervalued left brain with Aurebesh
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It is time to                                                  
Jump                                                                           out������������������������������������������������������…

The Ugly Introduction

This post has been published by me as a part of Blog-a-Ton 56; the fifty-sixth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write.
The Ugly Introduction
He felt his body stiffening. He stood up with a jerk, the chair falling back and hurried to the bedroom. He could hear her calling as the door banged behind him. In the dark, his shivering body slipped down to the floor. No matter how hard he tried to hold himself together, the eyes that gleamed from the commercial had once again cracked opened the door of abyss. As his body sweated profusely and black and white screens flashed slow and fast, he shut his eyes tight trying to control its progress. Stopping himself from screaming, he turned himself into a tight ball. It was uncontrollable and unbearable as the eyes appeared from everywhere. His mind had stopped except for a desperate wish to reverse ... 
Andy looked at the watch, it was 1 am, never had he been out so late. He prayed to get the last train while he…

You can always come home

Some songs speak the truth. A truth which is well-known to everyone. You, me, her, him... But how much do we understand. If I say I understand Truth, I am only pretending I know. I love the song 93 million miles' by Jason Mraz. It's a beautiful song where Mraz sings it simply over a guitar.

93 million miles
93 million miles from the Sun, people get ready get ready, 'cause here it comes, it’s a light, a beautiful light, over the horizon into our eyes Oh, my my how beautiful, oh my beautiful mother She told me, "Son, in life you’re gonna go far, if you do it right you’ll love where you are Just know, wherever you go, you can always come home"
240 thousand miles from the Moon, we’ve come a long way to belong here, To share this view of the night, a glorious night, over the horizon is another bright sky Oh, my my how beautiful, oh my irrefutable father, He told me, "Son, sometimes it may seem dark, but the absence of the light is a necessary part. Just know, you’re never a…

The garlic soup

This post has been published by me as a part of Blog-a-Ton 55; the fifty-fifth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. In association with ​Rashmi Kumar, the author of Hooked, Lined and Single and Jyoti Arora, the author of Lemon Girl.

The weather had been unchanging for past few days. Monsoon was supposed to be romantic for many. But for me it was a reason of my bad health. My head was hurting so badly I was afraid it would split open the very moment. However it didn't and kept on hurting more. I put down the bottle of aspirin on the table and walked to the window. It was pitch dark outside. The clock above the window showed 9 pm.

I watched the rain coming down in sheets. As if the heavy sound of downpour was not enough, the waterfall some distance away drummed like an attacking tank drawing closer, inch by inch. When the lightning flashed, followed by a deafening thunder, my head almost cracked and I cringed. But just a split second before my e…


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I want to soar high! the young bird said. His words inspired awe among his peers and his parent's chest swelled. Attaboy! they cried. What would you look for? they asked.

He thought of the question over and over. He looked at the rising sun, the rays stretching and reaching the darkness and vanishing the opaque. The landscape was gaining clarity and so was the dream in his eyes. He flapped his wings, moving restlessly in the nest. 
Love! I want to find love! he had answered. Love? they asked with amusement. So you want to soar to search partner? What a waste, they grunted and flew back to their nests.
He didn't mind they taunts. They do not understand. The truth was he wasn't sure himself. What is he after? Love? Did he want to search love? He coul…



You ask They stay mum
You wait They smile
The clock ticks And matches your heart
You ask They stay mum
You be yourself They be themselves
You wait They smile
You ask They stay mum



When will the door open? Or at least the window?
I need to know Or just a glimpse?
If there would be hope Or would it be wait forever
What are you waiting for? I am tired of standing
My legs hurt The sun above drench me in sweat
I am afraid of the blisters Would they would poison me
Please open the door Or just the window?
Before the blisters open And bitterness enters
Just once Just once let me know
Even so, I wait here For you to open the door



I am in the middle of crowd Cursing as I have enter in Not that I feel claustrophobic But afraid of the people in
An ugly transformation I see From man to monster Conscience fly away And what remains is faceless dirt
I am afraid of the lecherous eyes The hands that trespass space The sounds that jump my heart beat The words that are opposite of grace
We talk of society We talk of culture Where do they vanish Why in his face I see a vulture?
It smells of decay
The face shows the filthy layers
I am afraid of transformation I am afraid of  the Mob




I thought those feelings would never return And that I had dealt with them for good I had felt completely free Until this evening nude.
They have returned! And are tugging my mind to knot And I am left to search  Someone desperately to talk
I struggle to talk and smile Have to keep away the true feeling You cannot tell them all And inside they are killing...



T for Tears

By Megha


6 Swamp 7

The night grows every moment With every tear fallen
The memories trying to add color But they only smudge the clear
The memories ride you But the emptiness prevail
You think they are treasures But they are swamp that pull
Yet they are are sweet Even the drowning
Cause when you are drowning You see him
You can whisper his name And pray in wait
Even with wet eyes
You have smile on lips

The swamp does wonders
The dew grows and he appears...



Y Righteous c
Something's in the wind That freezes me Is it the winter Or the glimpse of love?
Something I ran away from That feeling of being in bond Today it looks desirable And I yearn for the warmth
Near and close I want to be To borrow the warmth Body and mind when frozen The feelings search for a form
Its dark and aloof Where it had wandered Them left behind Then I didn't bother
But those who love Have this incredible power I look behind my shoulder And I see them at the corner
Now is the time To go ahead or turn To choose the solitary ahead Or warmth of love behind



;Quit 0

Pulling inside out That I dream of at times But a parts of me are not norms Not that I am a bad stock
But the mind think of opinions Given out without conscience But why should I care Coz they say I am a social animal
Dump the society Everytime I tell myself Look at those girls Leaving fear on the shelf
Easy said than done Mind shivers to swim upstream Their words and looks so haunt my dreams
Hell with rumors Hell with opinions Hell with questions But they say I am a social animal!
I keep these pages Written about one I want to be Nobody looks me there But their foxy eyes stalk in my dreams
All these pages Written things not spoken Haven't helped any better now it's Body hollow with Soul stolen
I am tired of the regrets Tired of living somebody I hate Tired of being afraid Its time to write goodbye, its too late.



cProtector d

Don't worry, everyone said Things happen, good and bad I am not here to talk about the end But to listen

By you I will stand You have been through too much Over and over at the receiver end,
Why did you endure Why not fight back Why not say it's enough. They have not treated you well
For once, forget those days Wake up, there is still love in your shell
All the worries are over, for rest However sad the break may feel Believe me it's for your best
Today is a new day A new beginning ahead lay
Days will change They will be beautiful again

Someone will bring love You will be his queen.
But then, would you recognize him? Will his love reach you?
I am coming to take over the bad
No more I care of when and how

To give me a chance or not
I leave in your hands now



G OverlayV
Here comes my friend bubbling Showing her new shoes She wants to how they look I smile, they look fab, I say
When they hand over the receiver I take it obligingly They want to know how my life fare I smile, Great I say
There are always chats There are always smiles I am at my best to be courteous I am what can be my best
But when the chats stop When the smile withers When they drift away What is left behind is haze
It gives me chill Like a touch of cold steel It not winter Yet the loneliness returns



q Numb =

Rivers dashing Under the rocks Carving its way Impossible to stop
The high force Killing inside With every blow A particle died
The soul is hollow now Vacuum increased It's existence sublime It's future ceased
In this hollow soul Wandered her cry Waiting for echo A hope die
Only if he says those words Only if he hold her close She'd forget the wounds She'd forget the blows
She would wait for his love Even if more pain it takes Her every bit getting wasted But she would wait
And she would wait... Every denial she's ready to face
She would wait
For him she would wait



N Memory M

The clouds The birds flocking
The gentle wind The swaying flowers
Your lips My fingers
Your ears My whispers
Your laughter My swaying heart
The dreams The memories
Look so distant Far away

Why Unattainable!
Why? Why Far away




Maybe a few virtues is good for you But not enough for them
You light the candle And they keep searching
You ask, what is it? But they have no clue
You search with them The wax burning your skin
More it hurts, when you know The search would wear you thin
But you hold the candle still Hoping in it’s light they will see you
But when you ask if its found They say no and ..just go


rKnife m

Do you know the feeling of the knife dug in your heart?  That fear which will expose itself That'd kill you before a start
It is easy to smile And carry that mask around But in the mystic dusk It tears you open like a hound
There could be two lives And could be two faces Why could that be frightening To show one of its traces?
Not everyone will understand Many ready to pounce You could see through their mask
Yet afraid to announce

It is killing
To smile and walk like a doll
Yet you smile and clap
And slowly slide down the black hole



XJourney .

The silence sounds beautiful The noise goes unnoticed His slumped stature Looks around dispirited
People looked frenzy With the goals and purpose Like struck with luck Life bubbling with thirst
If he could understand  Whats written for tomorrow Why was he chosen For the dark sorrow
The unknown is cruel It tears him inside Why couldn't he know And save his stride
But struggle is written For him and all But why for others its easy When he has to crawl
He has to find out What are they happy about What is life to them When for him its a Doubt
Will he find out Or assume a deal But assumptions he hate And will seek for real
What is life Why it is a secret Dictionary says beautiful When he saw hatred
But he will search Travel lands and cross the seas Finding love and life Whatever it needs

One day his eyes would see the dawn
The rainbow florish
So is his dream
Now that the journey has began


l Healing l

To see you in that bright smile From here, lying on the bed Is something I want to wake up to And refill the draining spirit of mine
Your smile that spells Pulls me back from that darkness Again and again, against the fate Every night, I have a reason to wake
The brightness also hints of something Something broken, some part dead My body's broken But my heart hurts more to see you sad
Not that anything can be done And it comes down to the dusk When you look into my eyes And I drown in yours
That promise you take from me Without uttering a word My heart speaks thousand words A promise to open my eyes to you, it murmurs
I want you to feel
I want you to know My heart is filled with love for you No matter what happens to me, today tomorrow


 + God +

That day I went to the temple And was surprised at people's urgency Is it so easy to depend on God Than a friend beside you



OForlorn "

Your life is a solo war Nobody can see or hear Your overwhelming smile Nor your overpowering tears
It's only you You have to mend yourself
Nobody cares Its the forlorn truth