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East Himalayan ‘Dream’ trip

One of my dreams is to travel all the beautiful places in Himalayas. I got the pleasure to visit Shimla, Kullu & Kinnaur region of Himachal Pradesh. All of these completely beautiful. With Himalayas stretching over as many as five countries, India, Nepal, Bhutan, China, and Pakistan, I wonder will that take a lifetime?


From old times, Black is considered evil by puritans. Do you know why? I say, because it's seducing!

Blogadda has brought us a new contest, #WhatTheBlack, where we have to write about five black items that we wish for and why. As I think about the list, here are some black gadgets that have put spell on me. Wish I had these. 5) Play Station 4 – Why just play Candy Crush alone ? We can sure have fun with friends at altogether different level!
4) Wacom Intuos 5 – With an apt designer tool at hand, I wouldn't see any of my sketches just waste away on papers.
3) iPad Air – Anyone with an iPad or Mac would be a proud owner, isn't it? The sleek and alluring apple gadget exude finest design and technology.

2) Camera Lenses – Anything that I am desperately want to have my hands on, Filters, Lenses - Fixed, Wide angle etc. Technique, practise and good lenses are key to better photos..

1) The Magic Hat – How about having the black magic hat? I wouldn't bother with a bunny though. I …

Amazing Things Your Smartphone Can Do

I'm sure we've all had "Aha!" moments. Why, when I upgraded my old phone to a smartphone, I've had them everyday. It took me a surprising while to get the most out of my phone. Well, aside from the obvious - calling and texting, taking pictures, listening to music and playing games, did you know that there are other cool uses for your smartphone?Health MonitorWith accessories that you can use with your smartphone to measure your blood pressure and blood glucose levels and apps that can track your daily workouts, weight and diet, monitoring your health and fitness has never been so fun and easy. TrackerWant to keep a watchful eye on the family? You can locate your loved ones by tracking them on your smartphone. Remote ControlDo you know that you can replace your collection of remote controls with your smartphone? Yes, you can use your smartphone to control various home appliances. GPS UnitIf you need a GPS unit for your daily runs and bike rides, you can download …

The Turning

Isn't it true that travel makes you wiser and it is also travel that brings yourself to you? I love to travel and among all I love to travel the mountains. Be it the Himalayas or the Sahyadris. When I say this, it would be ironic to mention about my fear of height. But that's the sad truth I have to live with or in time overcome it. But the phobia doesn't stop me from planning to visit these beautiful mountains. It is their grandness that overwhelms you, it’s beauty that makes you feel loved but it is also their steep fall that makes brings the reality of your mortality to you. When we planned our trip to Kinnaur,  Himachal Pradesh in March, I was looking forward to seeing the beauty of Himalayas in off season. Tons of snow, calm appearing glaciers and the vapour released by your each breadth, a dream for a Mumbaite, isn’t it? After enjoying most of the snow in Kinnaur, we started our travel to Manali. We were in our rented Innova and on the helm was our driver Mr. Vinkel. …