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The Hunt for Kohinoor, a book review

A spine-chilling ninety-six hour hunt through the worlds most dangerous terrain where history collides with gunfire. Will Mehrunisa get out of this one alive? One morning on her way to work, Mehrunisa gets a call that will change her life forever. The truth about her missing father is at her fingertips but it will take her on the most desperate chase of her lifetime. A chase that will pit her against hardened jihadi’s plotting the deadliest terror attack on India, that will test her mettle against history’s deep secrets, that will teach her that the price of love can mean bloodied hands. The Hunt for Kohinoor hurtles from icy Kashmir to snow-clad HinduKush, from the sinister corridors of a military hospital to the warrens of Peshawar, even as the clock counts down to the impending catastrophe.First of all I want to congratulate the author, Manreet Sodhi Someshwar for picking a sensitive topic such as political tension between the three countries, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan and we…


Work is not my life but it is surely an important part of my life. It has this amazing gripping-quality that it sticks to you when you work on what you love. And when you have goals, milestones and responsibilities, it is surely a fun ride. There are days when you are curious, enquiring, answering, defending, questioning, assigning, working, grouping, I can go on. As we move deep into these days, we gradually retreat from our personal interests and it's this that has happened to me. My blog was dormant for some time. Well, I had a few drafts but these were not fine tuned and with mind totally occupied with work, it was working logically more than creatively. But with the go-live of our project (that went very well to all of our satisfaction), I feel FREE!!! FREE!!!

Now I will have time to write, to read books, to watch movies, to go shopping, to read my blogger friend's blogs (I apologize I was too caught up and did not reply), to just lie and sleep, to do all the things that w…