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The Blogging Affair, a book review

Till today, I refrained from reading Indian authors. For one reason that like Indian television which have been jinxed by daily soaps, contemporary Indian books are jinxed by relationship themes. But nevertheless, how right it would be, to stereotype every Indian book? Every book should be given equal chance. When I read the summary of the blogging affair, it sounded like an Indian television crime detective version. The story goes like this. A young woman’s body found murdered in a suburban flat…evidence reveals that she had been having an affair with a married man…to the seasoned police force it is like just another one of those routine love triangle affairs…or so it seems…till they are stumped by an piece of evidence in a form they’ve never even heard of…some newfangled notion called…a blog. An anonymous blog confesses to the crime…’s ramblings capturing the ebb and flow of a criminal’s mind taking shape…and challenges the conventional wisdom of the police…who would just as wel…


What's the word when we work in group or team? I think it is Trust. When trust, which is often taken for granted, is missing, it leaves a wide gap for misunderstanding and disinterest to creep in the team. Now that all of the team is working together towards a common goal, what is it that creates distrust? - Aren't the members doing their job efficiently?
- Aren’t they qualified?
- Do they need training
- Are the expectations superficial?
- Is the distrust viable?
- Are the members given fair chance? etc These are just few, there could be numerous and unfathomable reasons. Many of them may seem completely childish or unprofessional, nevertheless you see them happening in this corporate world of qualified experienced professionals. Based on my more than six years of experience I can say that for many of the existing problems, it all boils down to some common reasons A few to mention – - People not aware of their role and responsibility
- Individual nature / Individual way of working