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Back from hibernation

Hiya! I feel relieved that I am back. I have been on and off my blog, sad that I know but not doing much about it.  But there are plenty of reasons. One of which is the the great blame of writer’s block, one being a little lazy and the most troubling one is that I had completely forgotten that I own a blog and have the responsibility to keep it active. So after the big realization of the big ownership, I thought I should write at least something. So here I am. Btw, let me give you the reasons why I forgot about the blog, not as excuse but because I may need some help.1. I bought Nikon 3100 and spend most of the time experimenting with it, but just indoors. I am very exited about the new buy. I must take some time to step out of home and do some shooting in the streets. That’s the place where the real and interesting stories await to be shot. I need to be less lazy. It’s the Indian dilemma that also refrain me from shooting in street…will anybody mind, what if somebody says something. …