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Friends! We make friends as we walk through different stages of life. Many fall back and some stay along. It is said that guys keep in touch long after the youth days. I don’t know if it’s true but it is true that girls mostly loose touch with friends as years pass by. Even tough it is said that it’s good to just pick phone and say hi, sometimes email works much better. Just send a group mail and then wait for the fun with reply to all :) It works wonders. I have enjoyed those senseless bulk reply mails. It’s fun. But lately even that has lessened. Yesterday I received a call from a very close friend, Ree whom I had spoken some months back. Unfortunately I missed it. Later at some time at 11:00 pm, I received an sms. It was from her. It read, ‘Hi megha, I am leaving for my wedding. my wedding is at my native place’. I was like, What? Now that’s something unique, isn’t it? I knew about her getting married in this month through another friend. We had discussed about attending the weddin…