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A trip to Harnai, again.

As the phone alarm goes off, you wake up and the sound of rushing sea waves fall on your ears. You look out and holds the magnificent view in your eyes. The sun has risen and looks burning red, a flock of birds is sitting at a distance on the water which look like white dots floating in bunch. You smile and keep staring. It was a different morning for me and my friend who had travelled to Harnai the earlier night. It was a long weekend, an opportunity which comes very rarely. We grabbed it and were now next to the seashore. Three days holiday, I had sighed the day we left. For a moment, while stepping out of the house, my lazy mind had somewhat kicked back, “3 days holiday…3 days of lazing around…doing nothing”. Our mind is so powerful, isn’t it? For many days I had the wish for a holiday and now when I am on it, this strange mind, for a moment slips and urges to stay back, just to lazy around. I am not sure if it happens with everyone.Coming back to the Harnai, I had already visited …


Complaints & Complaints! I have been doing that from past few months. I don’t get time to post blog nor I get time to read other blogs. I promise, make plans and then don’t get sufficient time and have to compromise.Why is this happening to me? Sometimes I think of myself taking the last breath and I think about the desires that I would leave behind in this world bonding me to come back. There are so many things that I want to do. At times I wonder what have kept me from achieving these? Was I so busy that I couldn't do realize what I planned? When I look back, I don’t find any reason or so. I still have to contemplate and find the root coz I have to destroy it…I want to do what I like…Time is precious…Life is too short to be wasted…2010 will be past in a few days and 2011 will begin. It will be foolish to let go another year with desires unachieved…