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No excuses please!

Too many important things happening in my life I am too busy to sort things Sorry I forgot
...these are the excuses that we sometimes hear or  we many a times give. Maybe these are not just excuses but facts. There may be too many things taking place in our life or may be not so many than we think. Most of the times, there are things that have to be completed but are not under our control, sometimes insignificant activities but their mere presence intimidate us. For example, when I used to live alone, while at onsite, I had to do all my chores myself (which I was not used to). Sometimes at office, by evening, I used to get a bit low thinking of the things after reaching home. Once a colleague asked me about it. I replied, "I have so many tasks to do....Cook food. Do the laundry. Have food. Do the dishes". He smiled at my answer. And replied to which I had no answer, "Ok about cooking and eating. But what about laundry and dishes. You have washing machine with dryer and al…

Horoscope and Faith

How many of you plan your day yourself or let the horoscope plan your day ? I occasionally read this horoscope column, just for curiosity. Usually by the time I leave home, I forget everything about the horoscope and what it said.
Even though we show ourselves strong and non-superstitious, sometimes important decisions and hazardous predictions regarding these, makes us go weak in our knees and compel us to doubt. The greater the risk, the greater is the fear. Now positivity law says do not doubt but at the same time it also asks us to look for signs of nature, warnings.

Her heart cried all night – Part 2/2

Refusals were a part of Gracy's life. From the day of birth, every happiness that came her way was drenched with some poignant sadness. But today she felt too hapless, too tired of her life. Broken from inside, the tears flowed down incessantly.....Continued fromhere(Two Weeks ago)
Gracy stood at the driveway while the taxi driver carried her bags to the porch. He seemed to be in a hurry. He bid her bye with doubtful eyes. She heard the taxi drive away. Standing twenty feet away she looked at her new home. She wouldn't call it beautiful, anyone would rather call it no good than ugly. It was a two storey house, dull and shabby due to negligence, saddle roof untended for years. Overall, it wasn't a pleasant house, but that wasn't her requirement. She looked around. It was a quite neighbourhood. She could see eyes sneaking behind the window screens. She felt her heart thump heavy. The most she'd hate was when people looked at her like that. She wanted to disappear into…