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Cherry on top Award

It's always heart-warming to receive an award, isn't it ? So, as I accept this award from Annyesha, it gives me great pleasure. Thanks Annyesha for the award :)

Now that I've accepted this award, I would like to present it to some of my blogger friends who’s writing I enjoy and equally admire.
- Tarunfor his writings on social issues
- Mridulafor her wonderful Travelogues that I enjoy to visit.
- Sorcy for his humorous side that unfailingly makes you smile

List 3 things you love about yourself.
- I don't know exactly what to put here, so I am leaving it blank

Post a picture you love
- For privacy reasons, I would not post personal pictures. But really admire the artistic talents in many photographers. I pic that I love is here from Daily Walks. It passes tranquility and peace to me.
Rules to take this chain forward :
1. Thank the person that gave this to you.
2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.
3. List 3 things you lo…

The common point

Our festivals form a part of our Indian culture. And when we talk about Indian festivals, along with it brings customs, sweets and expenditure. This week we had Gudi Padwa, which is considered as an auspicious day. It is always Good to buy goods/things or start a new venture on this day. So sticking to our customs we thought of buying some jewellery.
As the gold prices are soaring, I have always heard my mom complaining. “How can a common man afford these high gold prices ? Now gold is not meant for simple people like us. It’s only for the rich now”. Gold prices have been risen from Rs.8000 to Rs.17000, before her eyes,so she can’t be blamed.
We reached our usual jeweller “Vaman Hari Pethe” which I guess is the common place for most of the Maharashtrains for buying gold. To our surprise it was packed. “See, No matter how much the gold sores, people will still buy…”, she commented and lost in some analytical thoughts.
We started looking at the display items. My eyes wandered here and the…

The O saga

Indian culture is consortium of festivals, which gives a reason to take out time from our busy lives and live the moment. Today is one such auspicious day. One of the three and a half auspicious muhurats, as said in Maharashtra. So let me wish all my Maharashtrian friends, A veryHappy Gudi Padwa& a Happy new year, and Happy Ugadi to my south Indian friends. A festival is always cherished by us, Indians, isn’t it ? It keeps us going.

Early morning, on this new day, a funny thing happened. Everyone was busy with work at hand. I was squatting on floor with newspaper spread. For some unknown reason, I turned, to see an old familiar face. He stood looking at us. A loud “Huh” erupted out of me. Every head turned. My brain suddenly went into a blank phase for a second. Somehow it found it’s answer and I was back. I offered the uncle a seat and water. O ? The talks began. All possible subjects were touched, old housing, new towers, trains, buses, malls, old neighbours, their new housing, th…

Just Writing!

Writing was her passion
That day she wrote another letter
Two pages long, building her skills
She'd grown better at rejecting.

Story writing contest

I have been writing much less since past few weeks. The reason is office work pressure and lack of motivation. Writing stories has been my favourite pass time but don’t know why my mind has been a little sluggish. But nevertheless, I have managed to post a story It’s Pouring” on IndiMag.IndiMag has launched a story writing contest and I urge all of you to give it a try. There are no restrictions on the post theme or length whatsoever. Each one can post up to 2 stories.Here’s a sneak preview of my story. The TV was on, but my mind wasn’t at it, it was busy thinking of my sister. It was already 9 p.m. and she was not yet back. Her phone appeared to be switched off, which wasn’t unusual given the monsoon. Every minute was making me more restless. Just then, the door door bell rang. You can visit “It’s Pouring” and give your valuable comments. You can also rate/vote the entries. But you need to register at IndiMag (it’s easy, just takes few secs).Looking forward to reading your comments a…

Time Travel

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 8; the eighth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. It was the day. After escalations and loads of hard work, series of sleepless nights, the product was delivered, went live and was up and running. It was a moment of triumph, felicitations and kudos and off course booze. It was midnight. They had taken refuge in one of the colleagues rented apartment, enjoying, congratulating each other, swearing at managers as one by one passed out. They lay scattered half asleep. Empty glasses and plates dispersed. The room corroborated their frustrations of past work and the relief of go-live. Rahul, the developer was also one among them. Everyone knew how hard and dedicated he had been in last few weeks. The mounting pressure had only brought more good work out of him. The managers were praising him to the skies. He was happy, def…

Happy Holi!

HappyHoliIt's the day to smear each other in red blue green colors, drench each other in water, to sing and dance. Kids go to homes and collect money for their afternoon party, singing, dancing. After haggling for a long time, we offered 5 rupees against their 20 Rs demand. When we handed them ten rupees, their faces were to be seen. I picked up this pic. After collecting money from as many homes in society, the money would be spent on  snacks and beverages, banging empty bottles and dancing.Happy Holi to all of you, once again!