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A trip to Harnai, again.

As the phone alarm goes off, you wake up and the sound of rushing sea waves fall on your ears. You look out and holds the magnificent view in your eyes. The sun has risen and looks burning red, a flock of birds is sitting at a distance on the water which look like white dots floating in bunch. You smile and keep staring. It was a different morning for me and my friend who had travelled to Harnai the earlier night. It was a long weekend, an opportunity which comes very rarely. We grabbed it and were now next to the seashore. Three days holiday, I had sighed the day we left. For a moment, while stepping out of the house, my lazy mind had somewhat kicked back, “3 days holiday…3 days of lazing around…doing nothing”. Our mind is so powerful, isn’t it? For many days I had the wish for a holiday and now when I am on it, this strange mind, for a moment slips and urges to stay back, just to lazy around. I am not sure if it happens with everyone.Coming back to the Harnai, I had already visited …


Complaints & Complaints! I have been doing that from past few months. I don’t get time to post blog nor I get time to read other blogs. I promise, make plans and then don’t get sufficient time and have to compromise.Why is this happening to me? Sometimes I think of myself taking the last breath and I think about the desires that I would leave behind in this world bonding me to come back. There are so many things that I want to do. At times I wonder what have kept me from achieving these? Was I so busy that I couldn't do realize what I planned? When I look back, I don’t find any reason or so. I still have to contemplate and find the root coz I have to destroy it…I want to do what I like…Time is precious…Life is too short to be wasted…2010 will be past in a few days and 2011 will begin. It will be foolish to let go another year with desires unachieved…


I hunt the world
In search of happinessIn money I find it
But next moment it deceasesThen I learn
It’s not without, it’s withinFor outside you’ll find materials
And not the eternal bliss*It’s not in money
It’s not in fameIt’s in your soul
Give love and love you’ll gainSeek it outside
You will find noneWithin you reach
And be one with “One”
- MeghaP.S - I am sorry I am not getting enough time to read much these days. I will see to it that I take out time this weekend and read fellow blogger's posts. This poem just popped into my mind out of inspiration and awe. Do write what do you think about it.


I could hear the voices
The laughter and the criesI could see in blur
The kids playing and the picture was niceThere I was, swinging…
up, down and rise*What happened then?
Why did the picture stained?The kids disappeared
Colors from the picture drained? No I wont allow
No I wont allow
Please fill the colors...
I cry in pain
I cry in pain
- Megha

I need a time machine

Life is running so fast….From the day that we started understanding things, thousands of desires penetrated our mind. Toys…Friends…Fun….Money…as we grew the list grew too and it will keep extending until we are burned to ashes. Which is not bad at all. Only when you desire then you will achieve it. There’s a saying in marathi which goes like this -jo saakhar maagto, tyalach dev saakhar deto…which translates to – God gives sugar only to he who asks sugarSo ask and you will get it. But that’s not what this post is about but my point here is that there are so many things that we want, things we wish to happen, things we want to do. Dreams, dreams…but no plans. And unfortunately there are only seven days a week, of which five days, we spend in office. So we just have two days left. To speak the truth, two days is not less, but you blink and Monday is back. My experience says that times runs faster than usual on Saturday and Sunday.  Shouldn’t it be otherwise ? I think this was the most h…

PhotoArchive – Need a break

From past few months I have not been to any place for a holiday. And whenever I see my old photos it reminds me of the good times that I had and then I get anxious. I think I need a break. I want to spent at least a few days peacefully, away from work, away from the tiresome travelling. Somewhere near the beaches or in the mountains. I need to think about it.By the way, this pic below, was taken at Harnai in Konkan Maharashtra. A cow at the beach, different isn’t it ? Seems even they need change ?BTW, what title comes in your mind for this pic ?


How was the past ? What will be the future ?
Why do we care? Forget the questions!
It's the good feeling in the journey That is to be nutured
- Megha 

Time wrap

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 15; the fifteenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The train stopped at Nandpur and she alighted. She was the new collector and had privilege to all the conveniences. But she chose to come to Nashik by plane and then the small journey from Nashik to the remote Nandpur by train. There was a big reason behind that. She wanted to be at the Nandpur train station, for some time. It was this place she had started her journey to a new life twenty years earlier. She was proud of her growth from the old Rekha to this new powerful collector Rupa. It was this place! she acclaimed. Its this place! She could still remember the night. * She, the young and beautiful Rekha, was waiting at the Nandpur station. She was caring a trunk filled with all that she needed. The train was about to come. It was 1:30 am. A few of the station l…

Ganesh Festival - Part 1

Tomorrow is Anant Chaturthi. Our favourite God will bid us goodbye, leaving us sombre and sad.
Past few days had been pleasant and full of energy. When on other days I refuse to step out of home after being back from office, now I happily agree to have a night tour to these Ganpati mandals.
We encountered a few pandals who were in mission to siphen money out of people’s pockets by giving entry to few people in the pandal at a time and then proposing pass tickets for faster entry. We chose to avoid these and visit where there was no or shorter queue. It’s all together a different feeling, full family stepping out late night, wandering in different galis, each having their own idol.
Following is Ganapati from Anjirwadi Ganesh Mandal, a mandal funded by Chagan Bhujbal.
Don't forget to drop your comments!

Kankavli trip (Konkan Maharashtra)

Last weekend I happened to visit a beautiful place in Konkan belt of Maharashtra, a village called Kankavli.  There are number of trains that leave from Mumbai CST, we took the overnight sleeper ‘Kokan Kanya’. It was the first time I entered an express train, so everything was first time and also amusing for me. The passengers in the train talked to us as if we knew each other for years. One after another came the vendors calling out their merchandise, bhajiya, chicken biryani, veg biryani and also bread omlet. We bought tea :)After some talks with fellow passengers, when the clock showed 12, everyone pulled bed-sheets out of their bags. I climbed to the uppermost berth. I stuck to the wall, dad looking confused, asked me ‘You won’t roll down, right ?’ I smiled and hoped I won’t :) When I got up the next morning, fortunately one piece, as I looked out of the door, I couldn’t believe how beautiful this earth could look. Thought of sharing the pics :)Following  are few pics that I click…

Afternoon is for rest

Venue : Ganesh Mandir, Mumbai.I thought people visit temples in search of divinity or to add peace in life. But probably dadaji was a bit tired for any divine lessons :)

The Secret to you

[ Written for Sunday Scribblings prompt : I'd like to thank... ]

Image via Wikipedia Are you a reader ? Yes or No., whatever your answer be, I would recommend a book that I liked and helped me. Well, actually I am not a fan of personal development genre, in fact I have always been reading everything other than Personal development. And I am sure many of you too may have the same approach. I never thought I would have PD books in my library until I came across Rhonda Bryne's 'The Secret'.

A friend used to mentioned many a times 'law of attraction' in our conversations which used to amuse me.

I knew of Murphy's law and it's perpetual realization in our everyday life. I experienced these. I believed it.I knew of the Bollywood dialogue 'Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho to saari kaaynaat usse tum se milaane mein lag jaati hai' which translates to 'If you ask anything from the bottom of your heart , the whole universe will come into action to bring t…

No excuses please!

Too many important things happening in my life I am too busy to sort things Sorry I forgot
...these are the excuses that we sometimes hear or  we many a times give. Maybe these are not just excuses but facts. There may be too many things taking place in our life or may be not so many than we think. Most of the times, there are things that have to be completed but are not under our control, sometimes insignificant activities but their mere presence intimidate us. For example, when I used to live alone, while at onsite, I had to do all my chores myself (which I was not used to). Sometimes at office, by evening, I used to get a bit low thinking of the things after reaching home. Once a colleague asked me about it. I replied, "I have so many tasks to do....Cook food. Do the laundry. Have food. Do the dishes". He smiled at my answer. And replied to which I had no answer, "Ok about cooking and eating. But what about laundry and dishes. You have washing machine with dryer and al…

Horoscope and Faith

How many of you plan your day yourself or let the horoscope plan your day ? I occasionally read this horoscope column, just for curiosity. Usually by the time I leave home, I forget everything about the horoscope and what it said.
Even though we show ourselves strong and non-superstitious, sometimes important decisions and hazardous predictions regarding these, makes us go weak in our knees and compel us to doubt. The greater the risk, the greater is the fear. Now positivity law says do not doubt but at the same time it also asks us to look for signs of nature, warnings.

Her heart cried all night – Part 2/2

Refusals were a part of Gracy's life. From the day of birth, every happiness that came her way was drenched with some poignant sadness. But today she felt too hapless, too tired of her life. Broken from inside, the tears flowed down incessantly.....Continued fromhere(Two Weeks ago)
Gracy stood at the driveway while the taxi driver carried her bags to the porch. He seemed to be in a hurry. He bid her bye with doubtful eyes. She heard the taxi drive away. Standing twenty feet away she looked at her new home. She wouldn't call it beautiful, anyone would rather call it no good than ugly. It was a two storey house, dull and shabby due to negligence, saddle roof untended for years. Overall, it wasn't a pleasant house, but that wasn't her requirement. She looked around. It was a quite neighbourhood. She could see eyes sneaking behind the window screens. She felt her heart thump heavy. The most she'd hate was when people looked at her like that. She wanted to disappear into…

Her heart cried all night – Part 1/2

Gracy was sitting on the chair at the dining table looking out of the weathered window which opened to the pine forest devoid of any life. Her eyes were sore red due to crying.  * How unlucky she had been since the day she entered this world. Her mother died in child birth, her father abandoning her subsequently. They never talked. The only person who pulled her close was her nanny. She was an old lady, Gracy called her granny. She was the only one whom she could speak her heart out. Like her family life, her school life was neither easy. Probably the problem was in her self. Other students found her lost in thoughts, otherworldly, sometimes talking to the dead. Gracy often said she can see her mother. But nobody believed her. Her mannerisms were weird for this sophisticated world. Her father who was already hateful towards her contemplated of institutionalizing her. But her granny came to her rescue. With time, things grew worse. Her paranormal connection disconnected people from her…

Introduction of Gallery page!

Hi friends, If you have noticed, I have added a new page Gallery. I have assorted all my writings on one page. Don’t forget to explore this page. Would like to hear your suggestions and comments!Happy reading!!!


This period of four months is the most awaited period for the people working on ship trawlers. The sea is difficult and risky at monsoon. For four months they step on land and live the short life at Home to their fullest.Every life is different and each has it’s own challenges and difficulty, isn’t it ?

Rain Rain

Monsoon is in. Summer is out. Now we talk of rains, rains and just rains. And thats what I would be blogging for some time. Here's a pic taken at Ferry wharf, Mumbai during high tide. The large drops of rain made a beautiful pattern on the water, like a grainy chart, hadn't it ?
The ship, should be fish trawler is the highlight that I liked in the gray picture. Keep watching this space for more pics and more monsoon stories.
Well, how's the monsoon with you ?

Will it every come true ?

Lost in wild thoughts…With the first sunlight,
I opened my eyesI breathe in the fresh air
And forget all my plightsThe first chirp of the bird
That tingles my earsThe open window brings the freshness,
In my soul, longer that hoversThe cool breeze that stings me
Also brings the first scent of the beaut'l flowersI want to be there
To free the shackle
To own my dream home
Beyond the concrete jungle
In the wild nature
I want to live in peace
Mountains, Woods, Birds, Rivers
One among them, is my fairy dream
- Megha, The DreamerP.S : I was posting this picture on Facebook. As I started to write the description, I don’t know how, but the lines came out with a flow. Seems they were deep within me waiting for me to realise…It’s a dream, a very fairy dream


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 11; the eleventh edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. * The wind blew eastwards brushing the chill to their faces. They were 50 something, married for decades, spending time together was now not only rare but never thought of, until today. With no one in vicinity, they sat together, close. The atmosphere was quite cool and beautiful. But with the age, the cold was more of inconvenience. Hands were wound tight around the cup of coffee, vapour swirling thick  from the cup, crawling up thinning, vanishing. Sitting on the steps of guest house, they waited for the sun to set. It was a heritage house, a huge, beautifully decorated with traditional mountain culture. It opened into a beautiful view of the valley, with a small rocky road that snaked down the hill. With the backdrop of pine stretching over the hill slope, the su…

Blogadda Travel Photo contest

Blogadada has launched a contest wherein we have to post our 5 favourite travel Photos. So here are my entries, Photos special to me. Sailing to a new horizon!
This picture is taken in Dabhol, Konkan Maharashtra. We had taken a ferry to cross the river divide. Two enthusiastic kids were trying their best to haul the boat towards the sea without fearing anything. One fears when one think of failures. These kids seemed completely unaware of the word 'Failure' itself. What I like is when they saw me taking their photo, they posed themselves, smiling ear to ear. We can learn so much from these small kids! Travel does teach us a lot! * In the wooks, by the river, I dream of a beautiful home… This picture is taken at Lonavala, Maharashtra in Monsoon. I guess it's not a house, but should be some guest house. But how beautiful it would be to live by a river. It brings dreams alive. No dream is bigger than to own a big beautiful house to relax! Home is home! It’s the home where we com…

Got the ‘Cool blogger’ Award

Awards are motivating, specially when one is struggling to escape procrastination. Thanks to Tarun for honouring me with this award, it really helps. Tarun is a commendable writer with fully researched and sensible posts. He writes wonderful stories and poetries too.

Well, the award name is also very cool. In this scorching heat, when one seeks escape from heat, getting a ‘Cool-blogger’ award is like going ‘What the beep’ (have you seen that ad ? Nothing like anything, It’s Micromax’s tagline, for those who don’t know. Dunno how people come up with such stuff. btw, I never utter the phrase, just added here with sheer excitement) I would like to give this award to some of my fellow buddies, who also happen to be cool in their blog views. I would like to give the award to - Mia for her candid and honest views in her blog ‘Keeping the moon’Nethra for her beautiful stories in ‘Otiose Opinions’Saurabh for his short and fantastic 55’ers in ‘Stuff I learnt today’Sid for his humorous and explor…

Convert your blog to book

Printing your blog articles, how does it sound ? Yea, It’s possible. Blogger have come up with Blog2Print. Using this tool you can convert your blog into book at following expenses.Soft cover is at $14.95. Price includes 20 pages. Extra pages at 35 cents each. Hard cover is at $24.95. And extra pages at 35 cents. PDF version will be for $7.95. You can select articles that you want to print. For more information, check following links -Blog2Print AnnouncementBlog2Print EnhancementThe feature is good to gift someone, but just 20 pages for 14.95 $ is a bit expensive for me!

Who dunnit ? My answer

As I’ve written in my earlier post Blogadda had started this contest called ‘Who dunnit it ?’ A murder plot is posted in the story ‘Reunion’, by Ajay Nair, which we have to read and identify the killer. Below is my interpretation of story, with my answer to the quest, the identification of killer. It may be correct or incorrect, we can only know after the contest is closed, on Wednesday. So before reading further don’t forget to read the main story ‘Reunion’. * Lila liked to spread her love around. How difficult is it to live with such a wife ? It’s beyond imagination. Lila had charmed M., I., R. and G. in her love. Each of whom had never shared the same feelings post-marriage like that before marriage. M., R. did marry her rather quick but their bail out from the harrowing marriage also had been equally fast. G. lived his own way, sharing his love, just like Lila, without getting into the trap of marrying her. Sia had differences with Lila, but she’d abandoned her. The only person who …

Blogadda contest – Who dunnit ?

Here’s an excuse to give your creative mind a reason to get carried away in imagination and bring out some interesting stuff for us readers to read. Blogadda has started a contest - A Mystery Fiction Contest. Check out the following snip -You have to guess the killer, there are a lot of hidden clues, some are obvious some are not, some are distractions, some are for real
so you have to get very smart to crack the puzzle.
Ajay Nair, a blogadda member has written a mystery ‘Reunion’. We have to play detective and crack the mystery. C’mon, play Sherlock Holmes and identify the Killer! * New Look *If you’ve noticed, I’ve changed my blog template. I am using the Template designer, a new feature Blogger have added for us to tweak the once rigid and simple blog platform. Check out here to find out more about Blogger Template Designer. And well, how do u find the new look ?

White Desert : Part 4

Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 Tashi looked dumbfounded. Why wouldn’t he ? He had not expected him alive. Anil glared at him with eyes wide. His hand holding the knife, shaking as if set on vibration. Tashi moved forward. His gaze fixed on Anil. But instead of anger, a smile was carved on his face. Why did he look happy ? Anil sleuthed him. He was puzzled. His brain refused to cooperate. The next moment he couldn’t believe what he saw. Tashi folded hands and thanked God. “Why did you try to kill me, Tashi ?” No answer. “What do you want ?” No answer. Anil saw amazement on Tashi’s face. Anil was now shaking, with anger. What does he think ? He will easily get away ? “Kill?” Tashi uttered, visibly astonished. He stood in silence trying to comprehend the questions Anil was shooting at him. He stood with mouth open, loss of words, dazed. “No. Tashi did not kill you” said a voice. Both the faces turned to the tent door. A man was standing at the door. Both men stood silent staring at him, still mudd…

White Desert : Part 3

Part 1 * Part 2When his eyes opened, he was inside a tent. A familiar tent. He was lying in a sleeping bag. To his left were some utensils. All shut except one. Something was lying inside. Were they eggs ? He felt dizzy, his eyes burning, his body heavy and aching every inch. A number of packets were lying around. To his right, bulk of medicines laid near. Except him, there was no one in the tent. The only thing that sounded alive was the wind that blew outside with hustle as if upset with something. He breathed deep. Where was he ? Why is he lying in a sleeping bag ? Is anything wrong ? Why is his head hurting so bad ?He strived to think, but couldn’t without hurting his head. The last he could remember was the sight of him lying in the snow. He tried hard, recollected some memory, but only in flashes. He threw up. But what happened after?He strained more. The pain was unbearable, frowning, he held his head between hands, massaging the temples. Yes! Somebody was there. Who was it ? H…

White Desert : Part 2

Part 1
While the other professional trekkers left, Anil stayed back. But after one hour, Anil decided to do a solo. There wasn’t anything to be worried of, but Tashi had observed the clumsiness and eagerness in Anil and which made him restless. Since morning he had a bizarre feeling of ‘Something’s gonna go wrong’ and his intuition was a thing that Tashi, like all Sherpas, trusted and reckoned on. Something wasn’t right!
Sun was shining bright in the sky. He had been walking since morning. He bit the last of the only energy bar left. The oxygen in air was depleting and so was his health, but not his spirit. He glanced his watch, altimeter read 5500 meters. He had surpassed 350 meters of distance and should have been on the way back to the camp. But he was in full spirit. Never had he felt so excited. The eagerness and excitement had kept him walking. But now his body refused to co-operate. He dragged his legs and breathed heavily after every three steps he took. He need to climb down imm…

White Desert : Part 1

It was early May. Anil stood before the mighty Himalayas. A law professor by profession, most of his life was spent in a class room. At 35, he was single and loved it that way. He was wary of relationships and responsibility. Weekdays in college and weekend in bars had been his life. He was tired of teaching same subjects year after year. He looked for freedom,from repeating the same words before batches after batches. He wanted a change, a stark deviation from the dumb chores. And this was it. Before finalizing expedition he had considered a number of options including bungee jumping. But he would jump once and the whole thrill for next would be over. He wanted something long lasting and a different try. So he decided for an expedition to Himalayas. He had small history of mountaineering and Everest would be his biggest bet. It wouldn’t be a full-fledged expedition but enough to give him the excitement he cited. “Do not get carried away. Keep up with the plan. I will still ask you to …

Back from break, hopefully

Fortunately or Unfortunately, the big, lushly, controversial stories are over. Swami Nityanand, Shashi Tharoor, Sania Mirza and Lait Modi, the list was never big. Last few weeks have been haven for the journalists. Without trying too hard, the controversialists themselves were offering them stories. But it was equally negative for me. Office load was pretty good, TV was boring and my mind was in a block, a writer’s block, as I learnt from a friend it’s called. Photo blogging and blogging was hit hard. Somehow I tried to buck up by reading other posts, but somehow it didn't worked. So now to our refresh minds, we are following a different schedule at home. It’s Doremon, Sinchan and Takeshi’s castle that we are watching from last week. And yes, they are much better than the other TV regulars. And yes, the T20 world cup is also back, so there’s a some entertainment to add too.I am quite sure I am recovering from the broken interest in writing and would try to maintain the regularity.…

Archive – Another chance

Here’s another story from my archive – Another chance*Sitting at my study table, I tried to calm myself. But the more I tried, the more I got restless. Thoughts kept churning on my mind. I had never thought that one dreadful day, I'll kill my own brother. But never had I thought that my own brother would kill my father. How could he kill my father, the same man who had changed his life from a orphan to a well educated doctor. He had always been my idol. But all his love and care for me and dad was never genuine. He faked it ? Just for money? *That day when I rambled to the ICU, I was sure that my brother, who was handling my dad's case, will be the best doctor for my dad. I was assured. Until what I saw from the glass opening of the ICU door. He pulled out the oxygen mask from my fathers mouth and stood there watching him die. I tried to comprehend what was happening. I didn't knew it was an attempt of murder. Hastily, as I knocked the door, he opened the door. The mask wa…