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Earned a smile

From past few days I was under little pressure, which is the why I was not active at blogging. The reason was a Certification exam, this Tuesday. Well, after so many languid post-engineering office years, appearing for an exam was not a small task for me. Another reason to add to the pressure was that the exam center was arranged right in our office. So other colleagues were more excited than us. In earlier certification drives in our office, people had gathered out of the exam room to know the results and congratulate the takers. Even though it works wonderfully for those who have cleared the test, it's a disaster for those who failed. What's more embarrassing than replying to everyone in the crowd who is eager to know your score. "What if I flunk ?" was the question haunting me. Same was the condition of my colleagues appearing for the exam with me.

But finally, everything went well and I passed the exams with flying colors. And now that I am a SAP XI Certified Cons…

The Brave

The cell was filled with darkness. From somewhere high up, the sunlight crawled down between the bars of the small window. In the corner was the fighter lying bruised. Every drop of the blood flowing out of his body clamored for freedom of his country. They had tried their best to patronize him for the whereabouts of his co freedom fighters. But now knew their torture had weakened just his body but not his will. Tired, they looked at him, helpless, as he lay wounded, uttering "Vande Mataram".P.S.
*Vande Mataram was the cry of the nation for freedom from British rule in India, during the freedom movement. My tribute to those Heros who fought and lost their life in the battle against British Raj. It's their sacrifice that we now stand free.Written for Three Words Wednesday. Prompt:Darkness Patronize weaken.Vande Mataram!!

Where I want to be ?

Travelling is one thing that brings peace to my mind. But more than grand cities, I am attracted to Nature. I love to be under the hood of God's creation. There are many places that I have always wondered to go. One of them is the Ladakh. I want to see the celestial lakes of Ladakh. I want to watch rising with it rays glittering in the still lake. I want to see different shades changing in the crystal water as the sun sets. I want to sit beside the lakes for hours, assimilating the beauty and capture it my camera. The second place that's on my mind is the Kailash Mansarovar. It's a religious place and close to the hearts of millions of Siva worshippers. Dwelling in high Himalayas, is the shrine, made of ice. I want to stand before the shrine and cast off all feelings, wants and wishes, and just pray.The trip to Kailash Manasarovar is said to be one of the tough journeys. But it pays back with it’s serene beauty as you head high towards the peak. No wonder you get close tow…

Tag:ABC Tag

Well, this is the first time I am playing this game of Tagging. It's fun to get to know people whose blogs we read. I was tagged by Kunu, thanks for ushering me to this fancy game of get-to-know-people.
Writing about ourselves is what I have always denied. But this time I am pleased to write about Me.

Some things are so close and habitual that the questions has just one and only one answer, while some make us mull long over it. This is what happened with me while completing this tag-game.

1. A – Available/Single? Single
2. B – Best friend? Few close friends
3. C – Cake or Pie? Cake...Chocolate/Black forest/Pineapple sponge cake
4. D – Drink of choice? A cup of Tea
5. E – Essential item you use every day? Smile. Smile, to feel good and pass the cheer
6. F – Favorite colour? Bottle Blue/Bottle Green, truly royal colors
7. G – Gummy Bears Or Worms? None
8. H – Hometown? Mumbai (Sadly, no native place)
9. I – Indulgence? Reading, Photography, Writing, Watching TV
10. …

The baby laugh

Winds are blowing
With it, the fragrance of the fieldsThe cry of the baby from
the cradle swaying with the windsFrom the paddy comes the mother running
falling to the perfect snareGiggles she hears, as the baby sees her
Love, her eyes speaks, as she picks baby with careWritten for Three Words Wednesday. Prompt: Cradle Perfect Snare

Interesting : Photography

I have been following National Geographic for it's mesmerizing photos. Came across best of 2008 assorted. It's one of the best source for tips and learning. Thought of sharing with you all. Lately while searching jewelry box, I came across my mom's nose ring. This is traditional nose ring, we call it as Nath in Maharashtrian tradition. I saw it and knew I have to click it. Click to go to main picture. For those interested in more pics by me, you can visit my Photoblog "Let me click!!"

No tea for you

She was in a great mood, and wanted to celebrate the monsoon. What could be better than enjoying the rain with hot tea. In next few minutes, the tea was ready. Tea with ginger was her favorite. The aroma set her mind for the rainy wet atmosphere. She followed the steam from her favorite cup she used on special occasions, to the window.

Wow she said, looking outside at the showers, it was dark and gloomy outside. People were struggling with the wind and the rain that seemed to tease them by coming down in random directions.
She breathe in the hypnotic tea aroma. Smiled. When just about to drink, tip tip rain drops from the roof edge dripped in her tea, leaving her betrayed and stupid...

Written for Three Words Wednesday. Prompt : sulk drip hypnotic. Used later two in the post.


Living on the street was his fate
Food twice a day was was never on his plate

There were endless lists, lists of wishes always to pray
But the reality of life, witched them in gray

Then when he found the money, lying on the floor
How could he return, when he always wished for more

Ice cream and chocolates, he had seen people licking
Now wasn't it his time, to do some relishing?

Written for Sunday Scribblings: Prompt - Indulgence

New TV Shows on air

Some good news is in the store. I see something new coming up on air. One is "Is jungle se mujhe bachao" and other "Sach ka samna".

I don't really favor reality shows, but this time with "Is jungle se.." I am expecting to see a different show altogether. Some great cinematography from rain forests of Malaysia, where things are not just normal, extreme climate and also some exotic animals and greens. What turns me down are the contestants. While there are some good spunky contestants like Chetan Hansraj, few like Shweta Tiwari who always have something to jabber nonsense, whom I just can tolerate for long.

I don't have much idea about "Sach ka samna", but it too seems to on different story line. I am not much into it, but I am really looking forward to seeing "Is jungle se...". Hope they keep it REAL.

The vending machine

There was a time when I was excessive coffee drinker. Being in IT, like many, I used to have frequent rounds to the vending machine. Apart from the drooling meetings, I think the next thing that a software professional is battered with is the machine coffee. Of Course the former is burdened on you, while coffee is on your choice. While some don't know how excessive coffee mis-works on your body, some continue even while knowing, coz they are too addicted to abandon it, you see ?Even I used to think it's impossible for me to give up coffee. But one unusual day, I thought of trying other options maybe the Masala tea. Well I liked it at once, and in no time it took coffee's place. It was great indeed that I would be drinking less caffeine, but it then again it wasn't much different and I started having acidity problems, which is when I realized that it's not the coffee or the Masala tea, who is creating the problem, but it's my excessive drinking of these.  But I…


Sometimes I glide down the hills.. Sometimes I balance on the plane wings.. Sometimes I am at heights… Sometimes walking alone in dark nights..            Sometimes they make you oversleep..            While Sometimes they run you out of sleep.. How gloomy, enigmatic they are! Some fresh, some repetition they are!            Dreams! What do they tell us ?            Is there a message for us ?            Or just a fantasy to hook us ! Whatever is it ? A game of our brain, Or the fear of our mind ? Oh this quest! My mind undergoes the grill.. With no answers, I think, I should just enjoy the thrill!

Monsoon Bite - Adventure in train

While the monsoon is not yet in it's full force, the Mumbai railways have already got hit. And I had to taste the reality bites.

That day the train arrived and I got a window seat, which was quite fortunate coz the train was almost 45 minutes late and the crowd had multiplied three times. One reason for me to get in safely was that my station is close to the main station. I knew the situation would get worse with every coming station.

Sitting at the window seat just next to the door, I had complete view of the struggle at the door. Initially I was having a good time, watching the shouts, curses, the pushing and pulling. Believe me, you can see a completely different avatar of a person, while in crowd. And it's interesting, sometimes. But as with every stations, with worsening condition, my fun was transforming into fear. I was worried, and praying for safety of the commuters and hoped for no accidents. Whenever it horned, people on the platform got crazy, pushing and yelling a…

Voice from sea

What's that ? said the little red fish pointing towards the thick layer of lather and thousands of red fishes floating dead over the ocean.

Genocide, said the elder fish, pointing towards the humans standing at the harbor watching the mishap.

They have done it, Humans. That water coming from the opening is poisonous. We can die. That's why we are moving from here. To some far away place, far from Humans, unknown sea the elder said as she pulled the little fish back, escaping but with a fear in mind, what if the humans reach there too ?

Written for Sunday Scribblings. Prompt - Human


Time for celebration
Sweets and hugs
Our king has won
and enemy collapsed

What they have yearned
Is what we have achieved

Spades and Swords
All over the battlefields
But now with Victory
The procession begins

Written for Three Words Wednesday. Prompt - Collapse Sweet Yearn