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The Conqueror

With faces red and sweaty hair, they looked dreary in the heat
Playing cricket, kids were never so gloomy, with its heat, sun was celebrating its feat

Throwing bat away, he said, he's exhausted, As if empty, the bowler too slumped
They cursed the sun, and the heat, Under the tree, they lied dumped

Suddenly, there were sudden change in climate, bright yellow sky started turning gray
The sun seemed loosing it power, while the clouds confined the sun in cage

In no time, there were dark clouds all around, in a while
The timid faces, with heads down, now glowed into smiles

The first showers were out on the street
Winds spreading the dust and blowing the heat

The sweet smell of the mud spread around
Feeling of something lost was now found

Happily, the kids ran on the street, embracing the shower
Thanking God, singing and dancing, looking at the clouds hover

In no time, everything was wet, ground, trees and the leaves
Smiles and Cheers everywhere, everyone was pleased

Bidding Goodbye to the sun, very so…

Someone's following her

It wasn't easy to walk down to the toilet tent in the chilling cold night. She thought of waking her tent partner. But the partner seemed to be fast asleep buried in the sleeping bag. She decided she will go alone.She planned visually an optimized path that she would take. Picking up the torch, she unzipped the tent entry. She realized her hands were shivering. A chilling breeze hit her face as she moved out. She was terrified by the pitch dark night that surrounded her.Go ahead Riya, she told herself. gathering all the strength, she flashed the light around and located the toilet tent and started walking.She was returning back and till now everything was fine. The cold was unbearable, the sound of the river was distinct. Suddenly a cold breeze past her. She heard a sound, a whisper. She discarded it thinking it was just the fear of the mind that was creating the unreal. But she heard it again, "Can I come with you ?" a whisper close enough to her ears. Her torch fell do…

Horror is my favorite genre

As I watch a horror film
from gaps of my fingers

My eyes widen
and I get jitters

Somehow I complete the film
and Thank God it's over

But that's the start of the fear
As the horrible faces before my eyes hover

I try to think of some pleasant things
But I feel disconnected

The only thing I feel connected to
Are the darkness and sounds netted

Oh Why did I watch that film ?
I always question in the last

But next time I see any horror film running
I am again ready for the jitters, ready to watch it aghast!!

Written for Sunday Scribbling : Disconnected

She needs a messenger

She was very nervous. After much thinking, she'd take the decision to pass the letter to Sid. 
The best way was through books, she decided when she couldn't think of any other way.
She was too shy to tell him face to face. She was afraid she might blunder.

She collected the class notes that she used to borrow from Sid, which gave her reasons to talk to him.
She slipped the letter in one of the notebooks. 

"Hi, Where are you going, Reena ?" called Neha, the chatterbox, from behind. 
"To Sid, to return his notes", she told her, fearing of the nervousness in her voice.
"Ohh Great! Do you have his Economics notes ? Hmm...Let me see.." as she picked up couple of notebooks.

Reena's eyes widened. Neha was infamous for her gossiping which led her nickname BBC. 
I am caught, the news is going to spread like forest fire, she foresighted. The trajectory of the news from Neha to friends and then to Sid painted before her eyes. 
How stupid she looked in the painting…

Memories of the childhood friend

Her husband had never been so late. She was worried. His cell was switched off which made her restless.
The bell rang. It was her husband, she was relieved but looking at his pants blooded at the knees she panicked and shot him with questions.
Hurriedly she bought the antiseptic and started applying on his knees.

As she applied the liquid, a cryptic feeling was creeping inside her. Something unknown was pulling her. The music playing in the background, the smell of antiseptic, her applying in on knee,
has it happened before ? Was it deja vu? What is it ? Her expression on face changed, her husband could make out.

What happened, Geeta? he asked. Something weird, she said. She seemed lost. He took her to the bedroom and asked to rest.

She still was figuring out lying on the bed. But the memories seemed closer now. The music of a flute, the smell of antiseptic, her applying of antiseptic on the knee...her mind kept revolving around these.

She closed her eyes. Geeta!! Geeta!! the soft shouts ca…

Himachal Pradesh trek

The view from my Hotel room was too good. It flashed fields with huge mountains in background. The first layers was that of pine forests. Behind them were the snow clad mountains which highlights the scenery. I was so happy to start my each day with such a beautiful view every morning!The river Beas seemed to be ubiquitous. The cold force dashing down the rocks just mesmerized me. The sound of the crystal water could be heard from far. It was a beauty.The pine and spruce dotted the rocky mountains and complimented the white snow background. It was a pleasure to walk in the woods. It holds a treasure of diverse unknown fruits, flowers and reptiles.