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Lost but not found...

Oh my dear,
My life's so haywire without you..
You were so important to me, didn't I knew..
Now, I feel, I lost everything with you..We were together for three years..
And now you are gone, I am under fear..
I thought you would would return..
But you didn't, I should take care, Why don't I learn..I searched for you,every place, every hub..
Now I am sure, everyone should have a backup..But now I don't see any signs of your coming..
So now its time to forget you and get going..Now I am looking for New One..
This time an Advance one..
A brand new Mobile..

I lost my dear mobile, I have already misplaced it many times before, but this time its lost :(
This time I am planning to by an affordable PDA. Let's see...

Old is Child

It's about Patience...
As father teaches child to walk
It's about Patience...
A son who wants to understand his old father
Ageing is a test for the Son and the Father..
It's Patience,
It's Test
It's Love

Written for Sunday Scribbling Prompt : #156 -- Aging

College Campus : Tug for Rose

"Lets see whom Rohan gives the rose!" bawled one of the two girls. One of Rohan's friend who was in vicinity didn't miss to SMS about the betting to him. Looking at the message Rohan shrugged. "Once again I have to find out a way" he thought. One of the two girls was his childhood friend while other was his good friend-neighbor. The Rose day was coming nearer, the girls were in full force to impress him. One had bought an expensive perfume for him while other had bought a costly wrist watch. Shopping went on.

The Rose day arrived. The two girls were waiting for him in the campus. Hours had passed but Rohan was nowhere to be seem. His mobile was unreachable. Both of them were fuming. In the background, songs were being dedicated and layers and loads gifts were being exchanged. With the gifts in hand, they stood waiting for their dream boy.

"Hi" somebody said from back. He is was one of her classmate. "I have two tickets for the new movie release…

He knows everything…

The speeding Merc entered the palm grooves. It came to halt with the screeching sound. The frightened driver grabbed the cigarette packet and stepped out. His had shivered as he lit the cigarette. The place was deserted, which he appreciated.It was a big accident. Even their bike was speeding, not completely my fault. Who will believe me. But they were hit bad, almost thrown away, impossible to survive the accident. What I was suppose to do? Take them to hospital ? ………..they hit to the right of the car.He reached to the right of the car. He bent down to his knees to see the damage. The scratches and bump was prominent with few tinges of red. His heart was pounding. With hands in hair, he stared at it. Just ahead, he saw feet, surprisingly they were glowing. His eyes ran down to top. A mysteries man with a glow stood. A book with a feather was floating before him. Is this a dream ? he couldn't believe. The man was not ordinary. Who are you ? I am Chitragupt*, I have come…

Always in wonderland!! – Escape from the train..

Ritu was sitting in the fourth seat of the ladies compartment of the train, with her office bag and other bag with vegetables that she bought before getting into the train. She had to prepare the food once reaching home. It was almost 6.45 pm. It would be 8.00 pm to reach home. She was used to it by now. Every day seemed just the same. Weekends were nothing more exciting. She had to be on her toes as she juggled work and personal life. Closing eyes, she plugged her earphones and increased volume enough to cut-off from the populace around.

The view was beautiful. The sun rays were entering the bathroom through the silky curtains, filling the room with natural tender ambiance. The fish bowl stood on the curved wooden stand. The two Goldfish playing inside. As the rays passed through the fish bowl, the wavering reflection ubiquitous around the room complimented the luxury. She lay there in the tub, as the aroma unwounded her. Lavender was the chosen aroma of the moment as the soothing ro…

Dear Past Me, Dear Future Me

Dear past me : A Simple girl with lots of hopes and dreams in eyes...
Dear Future me : Still Simple girl with more dreams, like a bird to savor the beautiful places around the world.

Dreams drive me!

Written for Sunday Scribblings prompt :#154 -- Dear Past Me, Dear Future Me

College Campus: While Returning from College Function

The girls were tired and hungry. They hopped in the bus from college. They had planned to stay at friends rented home. The festival was fun and the girls had enjoyed dancing to the DJ music. It was 10 pm and the bus was almost empty with only few college students returning from the annual college function.

They were whispering about the guys in the bus who had deliberately left the function following the girls. They whispered and giggled. The guys took the backseat from where they could get the view of the girls. Among the guys was Rahul who was famous, rather favorite in the girls group.
The bus stopped. The girls got down. As the bus started, a crumpled paper ball popped out of the bus landing in front of the girls. The girl's group chief signaled to ignore it and just keep walking. The bus sped away. They tried to ignore any look towards the bus.

After confirming the bus was out of sight, they took an about turn and giggling and teasing, they hurried back to the bus stop. The pape…

Wounded Pet

The car sped away recklessly. In the silence of the night, she could only hear the sound of the speeding car and the piercing cries of Tommy. Her temper changing, she ran towards her wounded dog ambivalent, curses for the driver, but solitude for Tommy. With tearful eyes, she dialed the veterinary. In the dark night, in the void, she sat, cajoling her dear pet, praying for the doctor to reach soon...

Written for Three Words Wednesday. Words - Cajole Reckless Temper

On the day of Colours!

I locked the door and instructed mom to tell any visitor who asks for me that I am off to aunt's place. It was a trick to keep away the colors.

The bell rang. I signaled mom that I would be in the kitchen, just in case they try to hunt me down. Some sounds were heard. Few seconds later she came to me. "Who's Priya ? She is here to wish you Happy Holi!" she said with a teasing smile. "Priya? Wow, she came here to wish me Holi greetings!".

Blushing and grooming my hair, I reached the door. I opened it.. And splash! "Happy Holi ! Priya ? See how we got you out of the hiding!" And a loud laugh. Some more splashes of coloured water on me. Coloured hands were reached my face. Somebody pulled my legs and I was down on the floor.. Some more splases and colors. Laughing, I got up and made a counter attack on my friends. I managed to get them down to the floor. I was enjoying every bit of it. At the door, my mom was smiling, enjoying. I reached to color bag a…

The buzzing Mumbai streets

As I was walking from station to my home, somebody was talking very loudly. I looked to my right, and found two girls were too engrossed in chatting. As I walked further, the noise just added, the cars honking badly. I stopped to cross the road. In the absence of any traffic rules,crossing roads in Mumbai too seems a small adventure in itself. I followed the protocol, Look left, Look right and then move (which is one of the rules that are taught in childhood. Another such rule is, Do not talk to strangers!) As I crossed the road, there was sudden burst of laughter and babble. The two girls had joined their group! All of them were talking at the same time. I pass the street everyday, but for the first time I took a closer look. It was crowded. Some political hoardings with not so attractive faces were up at the light poles. Some guys were sitting on the two-wheelers parked at road-side. Some of them, out for bird-watching while others just to discuss some very important matters like Cr…

Something to listen…Music, best stress buster

My stress buster is Music and Sleep.Both refreshes my mind! I don't follow a particular music genre. What I listen totally depends on my mood at that time.I would like to share some of my Favorites songs.1. Baatein kuch an kahisi…(Hindi film – Life in a Metro)2. Ye Rishta kya kehlata hai…(Hindi film – Meenaxi) 3. Soniyo…(Bollywood Film – Raaz)4. Is This Love - Kahin Na Laage…(Bollywood Film – Kismat Konnection)5. Bakhuda Tumhi Ho…(Bollywood Film – Kismat Konnection)
Listen to Fav 5 For Blog songs on Created by:Megha Haware Listen to all Smartlists created by Megha Haware

Fight Global Warming ! Spread the word!

the Balls of papers in the bin……the Smoke in air to breathe inthousand of Cars on the road… …each Speeding and Honingchemicals from Factories……mixing with StreamMore Ignorance, More Pollution……now suffering from Global Warming-MeghaWritten for Sunday Scriblings Prompt "Listen up because this is important!" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Its time we open our Eyes and Save our planet !If you care for this beautiful world…spread the wordDrive Smart! Take public transit, walk. Else think of Car pooling.Buy Local and OrganicSupport clean, renewable energy.
Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.
Saving energy at home is good for the environment and for your wallet.
Become a smart water consumer.
Buy energy-efficient electronics and appliances.
Plant a Tree, protect a forest.
Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!
Mount a local campaign against global warming.
- From

When eyes lie..

Sitting at my study table, I tried to calm myself. But the more I tried, the more I got restless. Thoughts kept churning on my mind. I have never thought one dreadful day, I'll kill my own brother.But I have never thought that my own brother would kill my father. How could he kill my father, the same man who had changed his life from a orphan to a well educated doctor. He was always my idol. But all his love and care for me and dad was not genuine. He faked it ? Just for money? When I rambled to the ICU, I was sure that my brother who was handling my dad's case, will be the best doctor for my dad. I was assured. Until what I saw from the glass opening of the ICU room door. He pulled out the oxygen mask from my fathers face and stood there. I couldn't understand what was happening. I didn't knew it was an attempt of murder. Hastily, as I knocked the door, he opened the door. The mask was in place. "You have to be strong. I am sorry. He is no more" said my sly…