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Regret for Life

Patting dry sweat on the forehead, slowly I sat down. It took longer to reach today. I looked around. But I couldn’t see anyone from our elderly group. Unusual. I was panting hard. I was getting too wearied for my age, I realized.

Far away, I could see our group members heading towards me. They were moving slowly, obvious for their age. They were wearing new clothes and mirthfully discussing something. I could see some new faces.

As they reached, all of them started looking frantically for places to seat, they were too panting but then they were much older than me. Their talks didn’t stop. They were returning from some wedding function and very happy, discussing sons and daughters and their settled life.

The topic had started making me uneasy. I always tried to evade the subject.

Somebody introduced me to the new members. I smiled reluctantly, I feared the questions that followed. “How about your family?”, question dropped from somewhere. I stayed mum. A lump started forming under my thro…

A sore memory

She looked at her watch. It was already 6.00 pm. They had decided to meet at 5.00 pm. She had been waiting for almost an hour. He has never been so late. She was fuming with anger. Even if he is stuck in some problem cant he call and tell her that he would be late. Why to keep the cell phone switched off. At least the other person can call if he can’t. She kept cursing him. She was almost talking to herself, and when two three couples passed looking at her, she realized and tried to calm herself. For a moment she also admired Rohit for never been wild when she was late, she always had been.

I would wait for only fifteen minutes more. She told herself.
She realized how impatient she is. She looked at her watch and fifteen minutes had already passed. She decided to wait for another ten minutes. But then decided to leave and swore to pay no heed to any of his excuses he comes up with. He will have to pay for this.

As she got up, her cell phone rang. It was Rohit’s number flashing. So this g…

In Search of Love

It was her birthday. They finished the desert. He’d love it. “Anything special today?” he asked. She didn’t reply. “Lets go for a walk”, she whispered enough for him to hear. She knew the answer. She had asked this question many times before just to hear No. He always had enough work. But to her surprise, he didn’t refuse. She couldn’t believe her ears. She quickly wore her sandals and was ready with the key. She wanted to hurry before he changed his plans. They locked the door and got into their BMW.

Gauri and Shreyas had married four months ago. Apart from the first month of marriage, she could hardly recollect when they have spent time together. He was always busy with work and she was left to do the shopping and parties, which was never important to her.

She had no idea where they were heading. But she didn’t care. She always wanted to be with him. And there they were together. Nothing was more important. He was talking and she kept looking at him, still couldn’t believe. The car st…

Advertisements that rock !

I was having dinner, like always with family, enjoying the tasty food that mommy had prepared.
She was always the best and nobody can match her in kitchen. Yes, I can bet on her.

The TV was on and some daily soap was on air. These serials were always more of fun and victim of our criticism. I and my sisters always have a good laugh at them.
It's said that if you take off your anger on something, you feel relieved and light.
But we never ever watched K series even for fun or criticism. They always arouse anger.

We were chatting when some ad went on. "Instead of wasting on ad, why don't these companies reduce the price ?", my mother questioned.
Being the so called Home Minister, she was worried about the inflation. We are quite well financially. But like every other Indian house-wife, it was her right and privilege to complain about the prices of groceries and household things going up. It is always a topic of discussion for mom and dad, while we just turn deaf ear to them…

Scary Nights

I was having my evening tea. As usual the paper is spreaded out, my eyes running down without actual reading. This article caught my attention. It sounded stupid. But when its related to ghost, there's no way i am leaving it without reading.

Here's the article -
Mreenal Deshraj had an eerie experience in a palace in Kolhapur.
Recently Mreenal Deshraj had a spine-chilling experience in a palace in Kolhapur where she was staying during the shoot of Shhh…Phir Koi Hai. Since the show had an eerie theme, the place seemed ideal. Says Mreenal, “I don’t believe in ghosts. I’ve stayed alone in Mumbai for a very long time now. And incidentally I was playing a ghost in the show as well,” she tells us. It was a 20-day shoot at the place. For 19 days she stayed in one room of the palace hotel with no problems whatsoever.
But on the last day Mreenal shifted to another room. “At around 4.30 in the morning, I was trying to sleep when I heard some heavy breathing. First, I thought I was just i…

The two foreigners..

It was 2:00, time for lunch. I took my meal from counter and found a seat in a corner. I could see the entire canteen from my table.
Like everyday, I started with salad. The canteen was fully occupied, which was usual for this time.
The sight was like just another canteen of an Indian IT company.People with lunch looking for somebody known to join. Some came in groups. Some settling for the first seat in view.People just kept talking and the canteen was filled with the discussions and chats that seemed endless.I started with my food.

The Tv was on.Satyam had made it to the headlines today again. New board members were appointed.Good.

My eyes went on two foreigners having food. Both were around 50. Actually you cannot guess the age of a white.They always look older to their age.Its the opposite in case of an Indian.They had few Indian members accompanying them.

Few questions crossed my mind. What might have he selected ? The food is spicy. Poor guys !!. Maybe they'll like it. Who know…

Happy Journey !!

When we think about Mumbai, the very first thing that flashes on mind is the Local Train.It's a fast life here. And believe me, many schedule their day plans depending on the train timings. Like I always catch 8.25 am train from my station. And while returning i try to get the 6.30 pm local.This has become a part of my daily life. I am lucky that i live in the city and not in the suburbs, which is opposite to the direction in which the crowd is travelling.This excuses me from the deadly crowded trains with people hanging out from the doors.Some by force and some by choice.
When I look these over-crammed trains with one or two hanging out (ladies too) while waiting for my train to arrive, i get jitters ..and pray at the same time for their safety..If i fear the most after ghost or spirits(Im damn sure there's nothing like that in the world, but who knows), its the crammed Mumbai trains.

But the trains are also a rich source for those who are keen observant. You come across all so…

I am smiling

When we meet someone, we take a first look at the person, we make a perception. He smiled and talked to me, he’s very friendly person. He just said hi, didn’t smiled , must be an arrogant person.Then we talk to them, our perceptions change sometimes they get stronger. This has happened to me a lot of times, but most of the time, a victim. That day my neighbor came to me and asked if I know “Shriya Dhamnaskar”, my dad’s friends daughter. I recognized from the surname.I said “yes, I do”. “Then why didn’t you smile when she smiled at you” she asked. “Off course I would, if I meet her”. “She saw you yesterday and smiled and was expecting a smile in return. But you just walked off. She told me today and thinks that you are too arrogant.” she added. I was shocked. “But I didn’t see her. Tell her this. I didn’t do it intentionally.” I replied and realized that the damage was done. But maybe she would understand.This was not the last incident happened to me and I feel bad when I think how man…

A new start !!

I have always wanted to have a Blog of my own… I have been reading other blogs but when it comes to writing down what’s on my mind I am dead blank. This is a fair chance I want to give myself. Let’s try it !! has been my slogan and driving force.So lets try this too..maybe the memories you write down now may bring a smile years after when you read them again.There are lot of things that catches my interest… Art, Politics, Music, Movies, Books, Nature travel and Wildlife Documentaries but above all these I am more fascinated by Photography and People. The latter two can take me to a different world ..a world of perception, deep thoughts, questions, answers, imagination. So mostly I would be writing about photography and people and my experiences in this crazy world or the crazy me ;)

About Me

I am an Software Engineer from Mumbai. Apart from coding which I do without choice, reading and writing are my favorite pass time activities, with choice, which gets all of my heart and mind when I am working on these.

I believe Life is an expression. We have to understand it and enjoy it. I am a good observer, which helps me in getting the facts around us, in the posts.
Although i write more of emotional stuff, Horrors and Thrillers are my favorite genres.

The idea of blogging had been wandering on my mind for a very long time. Then on a beautiful day, I finally put my foot down and decided to go ahead and just do it.
Surf around this blog and you will find many things of your taste.

I also hold a photo blog where I publish my experiments with my DSLR Camera. Check it out here - Let me Click!!.

Enjoy reading!!