Monday, April 20, 2015


;Quit 0

Pulling inside out
That I dream of at times
But a parts of me are not norms
Not that I am a bad stock

But the mind think of opinions
Given out without conscience
But why should I care
Coz they say I am a social animal

Dump the society
Everytime I tell myself
Look at those girls
Leaving fear on the shelf

Easy said than done
Mind shivers to swim upstream
Their words and looks
so haunt my dreams

Hell with rumors
Hell with opinions
Hell with questions
But they say I am a social animal!

I keep these pages
Written about one I want to be
Nobody looks me there
But their foxy eyes stalk in my dreams

All these pages
Written things not spoken
Haven't helped any better
now it's Body hollow with Soul stolen

I am tired of the regrets
Tired of living somebody I hate
Tired of being afraid
Its time to write goodbye, its too late.


Sunday, April 19, 2015


Y Righteous c

Something's in the wind
That freezes me
Is it the winter
Or the glimpse of love?

Something I ran away from
That feeling of being in bond
Today it looks desirable
And I yearn for the warmth

Near and close I want to be
To borrow the warmth
Body and mind when frozen
The feelings search for a form

Its dark and aloof
Where it had wandered
Them left behind
Then I didn't bother

But those who love
Have this incredible power
I look behind my shoulder
And I see them at the corner

Now is the time
To go ahead or turn
To choose the solitary ahead
Or warmth of love behind


Saturday, April 18, 2015


c Protector d

Don't worry, everyone said
Things happen, good and bad
I am not here to talk about the end
But to listen

By you I will stand
You have been through too much
Over and over at the receiver end,

Why did you endure
Why not fight back
Why not say it's enough.
They have not treated you well

For once, forget those days
Wake up, there is still love in your shell

All the worries are over, for rest
However sad the break may feel
Believe me it's for your best

Today is a new day
A new beginning ahead lay

Days will change
They will be beautiful again

Someone will bring love
You will be his queen.

But then, would you recognize him?
Will his love reach you?

I am coming to take over the bad
No more I care of when and how

To give me a chance or not
I leave in your hands now


Friday, April 17, 2015


G OverlayV

Here comes my friend bubbling
Showing her new shoes
She wants to how they look
I smile, they look fab, I say

When they hand over the receiver
I take it obligingly
They want to know how my life fare
I smile, Great I say

There are always chats
There are always smiles
I am at my best to be courteous
I am what can be my best

But when the chats stop
When the smile withers
When they drift away
What is left behind is haze

It gives me chill
Like a touch of cold steel
It not winter
Yet the loneliness returns


Wednesday, April 15, 2015


q Numb =

Rivers dashing
Under the rocks
Carving its way
Impossible to stop

The high force
Killing inside
With every blow
A particle died

The soul is hollow now
Vacuum increased
It's existence sublime
It's future ceased

In this hollow soul
Wandered her cry
Waiting for echo
A hope die

Only if he says those words
Only if he hold her close
She'd forget the wounds
She'd forget the blows

She would wait for his love
Even if more pain it takes
Her every bit getting wasted
But she would wait

And she would wait...
Every denial she's ready to face
She would wait
For him she would wait